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Production Details

  • Extra Virgin Olive oil

    High quality limited production extra virgin olive oil

  • 8th months maturation of Agiolado

    5 months of maturation and selection every ten days only the foam of olive oil and 3 months of handmade preperation

  • 100% Handmade

    The process of selecting olive oil, removing sediment through natural sedimentation, planting chillies and cayenne, collecting and drying them is done only by manual labor

  • Maximum Health

    Our products are created in the traditional way without pesticides and with ancient monastic techniques to maximize the benefits for our health.

    Limited production per year


    liters of Olive Oil


    Agiolado luxury bottles (250ml)


    Agiolado mini bottles (20ml)


    VIP pre-saled extra hot agiolado (500ml)

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    Limited production luxury products

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