Agiolado - The Secret of the Monastic Recipe for a Healthy Heart and Blood Circulation!


Discover the secret behind the name "Agiolado" (Saints Oil) - a product inspired by a monastic recipe that has existed for 1000 years. This handmade Agiolado, produced using extra virgin olive oil and chilli pepper, has been proven to aid blood circulation and promote smooth heart function. Get ready to explore the benefits of Agiolado, a product that combines tradition, care, and exceptional quality.

Agiolado is a product that stands out for its authenticity and high quality. Its recipe is a secret passed down through generations, exemplifying the love and long-term care dedicated to health and well-being.

The main recipe of Agiolado includes the use of extra virgin olive oil and three deferend  chilli pepperw, two ingredients combined with great attention and skill.

The virgin olive oil, produced from olives harvested at the appropriate ripeness, is known for its nutritious properties and high content of antioxidants.

Chilli pepperw, on the other hand, imparts a mild spicy flavor to Agiolado while aiding in good blood circulation and healthy heart function. The beneficial properties of chilli pepper have been recognized for centuries and are an important element in traditional medicine.

Agiolado matures for 8 months, during which it develops its characteristic flavor profile and enhances its quality. The slow and natural maturation process allows the ingredients to interact and create a high-quality product with exceptional taste.

When you open a bottle of Agiolado, you will savor the gentle aroma of olive oil combined with the subtle spicy note of chilli peppers. Its taste is extremely well-balanced, conveying the harmony of its natural ingredients.

Agiolado is much more than a simple product. It is the result of dedication and care required for its preparation. Every drop contains the heart and soul of the people who have cared for it, offering us a product that supports the health of our heart and promotes smooth blood circulation.

Discover the uniqueness of Agiolado and indulge in its beneficial properties. One spoonful daily constitutes a flavorful addition to salads, vegetable dishes, grilled meats, or even drizzled over fresh bread. Alternatively, for more immediate results, you can consume one teaspoon (5ml) in the morning and evening.

With Agiolado, revitalize your senses and add a piece of the monastic tradition and care to your daily life. Support your heart health and well-being with this unique product that combines tradition, freshness, and authentic flavor.

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